“101 Things To Do With A Mobile Phone In Healthcare”

This list, with many kudos to Wireless Healthcare, shows the kinds of health care options that can come with the creative use of cell phones.

1 Appointment Reminders (SMS)
2 Patient Support (SMS)
3 Medication Reminders (SMS)
4 Appointment Booking
5 Medical Data On SIM Card
6 Patient Information For Relatives
7 Peer Support For Patients
8 Post Cardiac Surgery Support
9 Accessing Patient Records
10 Access To Dietary Information
11 ePrescribing
12 Patient Paging In Outpatient Clinics
13 Support For Alzheimer Patients
14 Support For Diabetes Sufferers
15 Clinical Trials
16 Support For Dementia Sufferers
17 Support During Rehabilitation
18 Support For The Deaf
19 Support For The Chronically Ill
20 Support For Addicts
21 Support For STD Sufferers
22 Baby Monitoring
23 Suicide Watch
24 Support For Children
25 Food Product Dietary Information
26 Allergy Alert Services For Asthmatics
27 Doctor At Home
28 Self Diagnosis
29 Patient Data For Overseas Travelers
30 Data Capture From Medical Instrumentation
31 Smart Card Applications
32 Monitoring For Asthma Sufferers
33 Blood Glucose Monitoring
34 Temperature Measurement
35 Weight Measurement
36 Medication Compliance Monitoring
37 Voice Pattern Analysis
38 Analysis Of Breath
39 Heart Rate Monitoring
40 Smart Homes For The Elderly
41 Patient Diaries For Clinical Trials
42 Collecting Data From Pacemakers
43 Fitness Monitoring
44 Real Time Patient Assessment
45 Sleep Monitoring
46 Collection of Data From Wearable Sensors
47 Collection of Data From Implanted Devices
48 Diabetes Monitoring In Chiropody
49 Detection Of Septic Episodes
50 Remote Antenatal Care
51 Telehealth Gateways
52 Patient Location
53 Pulse Oximetry
54 Personalized Diagnosis
55 Early Detection Of Cardiological Syndromes
56 Appointment Scheduling
57 Access to Patient Data For Domiciliary Workers
58 Diagnosis Support For Domiciliary Workers
59 Personal Attack Alarm Services
60 Clinician Identification
61 Asset Tracking (RFID)
62 Stock Control (RFID)
63 Patient Identification (RFID)
66 Dispensing Support
65 Locating Staff
66 Conferencing During Emergencies
67 Accessing Training Material
68 Accessing Laboratory Results
69 Blood Bank Support Services
70 Locating Blood Donors
71 Locating Organ Donors
72 Support For A&E (accident and emergency services)
73 Tracking Surgical Instruments
74 Controlling Insulin Patches
75 Billing
76 Patient Consent
77 Drug Authenticity Verification (RFID)
78 Patient Entertainment And Communication
79 Patient Notes Dictation Systems
80 Administration At The Point Of Care
81 Linking Emergency Services To A&E
82 Access To X-ray Images
83 Skin Cancer Monitoring
84 Remote Consultation (Telemedicine)
85 Data Collection From Capsule Endoscopes
86 Conventional Endoscopes (Picture Phones)
87 Nutrition Coaching
88 Monitoring Wound Healing
89 Support For Neurosurgeons
90 Breast Cancer Screening
91 Context Sensitive Medicine
92 Disease Monitoring
93 Food Contamination Alerts
94 Environmental Contamination Alerts
95 MRSA Detector
96 Telecare In Rural Areas
97 Telecare In Developing Countries
98 A&E Field Support
99 Wireless Stethoscope
100 Support For AIDS Sufferers
101 Call Center Supported Health Services

9 Responses to ““101 Things To Do With A Mobile Phone In Healthcare””

  1. Alex Sicre Says:

    Great list from Wireless Healthcare, but I do not see baby monitoring working? Maybe from a video phone to a monitor?

    If you are interested in learning more about SMS, email and voice messaging for healthcare, please visit my company’s website, http://www.intelecare.com.

    Intelecare is a healthcare technology company focused on enhancing medication adherence. We have developed a proprietary messaging platform that sends user created reminders for daily medications, prescription refills, doctor’s appointments and vitals monitoring – all delivered how and when the user wants them.

    Our service is free on our website, and we license our technology to industry as a hosted or enterprise solution. If you would like to learn more or sign up for your free medical reminders, please visit http://www.Intelecare.com.


  2. David Doherty Says:

    With 3G networks launching in the USA soon you could also add a couple more including:

    “Remote Video Consultation” and “Creation, Management and Sharing of your important health infomation”

    for more information on these please visit http://www.3gdoctor.com



  3. John Brohan Says:

    I thisk this list of 101 things is very interesting. I am willing to modify it to allow the “things” to link to the various websites where the application is available. Mine is wound healing for example http://www.woundfollowup.com.
    If the owner (Fred Fortin) is interested in making this more useful this is a volunteer!

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